bubblecatdog said:So what exactly is this whole project about? It sounds really interesting and I would to take part! (: ♥ xx

We want to do video, all around the world, with flashmob, remake of one of their music video, showing how much the fans love 1D… There is a lot of things to do before starting the project ! 

We’ll have a lot of work !

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hannilockinthetardis said:what we gonna do in the video? /a brazilian directioner ;D

We thought about a remake of one thing in Strasbourg ( Because I live there). We will find a way to explain the project in this video :)

Lots of love.

Chloé xxx

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Imaginenanana: May we have a little bit of your attention, please? :)  


We’re part of this ‘from Heart to Earth project’, where we want to make one video from all the Directioners around the world. What kind of video, isn’t clear yet, maybe one big flashmob or something similar to that, but to keep this project going, there are some country leaders needed….

Thanks giiiiiiiirls xx

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We are currently working on an idea for spreading the word about the project. 

We have an idea for a video… But if you have some better idea send it to us ! We would love to know about it !

100 followers ! Thanks everyone :D 

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It’s time for more prom ! 

keep spreading the word about the project, on facebook, twitter, tumblr, in your school… I don’t know, everywhere you can !

Every people who knows, it’s a step to our goal :)

If you know someone in touch with a big 1D fan account on twitter, it would be amazing if she or he can help us to get in touch with the account !

Love xx

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How we plan the project  

  1. First, finding people
  2. Explaining, organising event all around the world. 
  3. Recording video in each even, 
  4. Doing a video edit
  5. Spreading the video all around the world.

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Some explanations  

I’ve had the project in minds for 2 weeks… But we started it last friday ! We are in the very beginning of the project… So we need some time !

Anyway, I already found a country leader for Holland. Maybe also for Finland, sri lanka. I’ll get in touch with people in NY, Ocala in FL, some people in Toronto… A friend is in London this summer ,so she can take part of the UK organisation. I’ll try to do it in France, but I’ll need help.

First, I need to find many people to help me in differents countries, then we’ll discuss together about the dates to record all the videos all around the world :)

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Is anyone here from the UK ? 

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justmelia said:Will there be only one country "leader"? I mean, I think a country needs a group of people to organise all the gatherings/meetings/etc or am I wrong with this one ..I'd love to apply :)

Ahah don’t worry ! The country leader will be a small group of person, it will depends on the country. Like US is like 10 time bigger than France, so we’ll need more people to lead in the US. Then “underneath” the country leader, there will be the city leader, they’ll be in a city, to be there in time, for the recording :)

I hope it’s clear for you, If you have any other ask, tell me :)

Chloé xxx

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